The Zero-Expense Secret to Winning the Battle of...

The Great Driver Shortage

A Five-Step Plan to Successfully Recruiting and Retaining Drivers...without Spending an Extra Dime on Hiring Programs!

Will You Survive the Great Driver Shortage?

You’ve heard the gloom and doom reports. Maybe some of the doom has already reached your doorstep…

  • Thousands and thousands of veteran drivers are retiring as our population ages
  • The global economic crises pushed many drivers out of the industry…and they’re not coming back
  • Young people no longer consider driving an attractive career option

The global economic crises forced many companies to cut HR and hiring programs

  • Governmental regulation is eroding your drivers’ earning ability…and your company recruiting efforts
  • Turnover rates are soaring (79%!)…so, not only are drivers hard to find, they’re even harder to keep!

Caught with Our Pants Down?

And now that the economy is recovering and demand is back…most companies are caught with their pants down.

The trailers are full, but your cabs are empty!

A Creative Driver Shortage Solution for Companies Who Qualify

But in this power-packed, no-filler white paper, you’ll discover…

  • How to find prospective drivers, without adding staff for recruitment and screening
  • How to keep the drivers you hire
  • A five-step process for getting the most out of your recruitment spending
  • How to write a job posting that pulls prospects

But best of all, if you qualify, this paper will show you how to fund your recruitment and retention programs without spending an extra dime!

How? It has to do with your biggest employee expense. If you qualify, you can cut this one expense by as much as half!

Then, you can leverage this savings to boost your retention and recruitment efforts.

It’s the best way to win the “Great Driver Shortage” battle. 

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